Tree Stump Grinding FAQ.


Can you access my property?

What do I look for when I come to Quote your stump grinding job? Firstly, can I get my truck to within a reasonable distance to the job, can I then get one of my stump grinding machines to the stump. (the answer is normally "yes"), What is the Customers Expectations once the stump is done, what is the customer doing to the area once the job is complete, are there any services (water, gas, electricity or cables) that could be near the stump.

tree stump grindings turned to garden mulch

What is Stump Grinding?

So what is the process of Stump Grinding? The stump grinding machines are specially designed for the removal of stumps. Stump grinding machines in the wrong hands are Dangerous. There are different stump grinding machines of different sizes to grind stumps. I have three stump grinding machines that can grind stumps in the smallest of places to open areas where there are no access problems.

removastump tree stump grinder machine

How does the Stump Grinding Machine work?

The stump grinding machine will grind the stump to approximately 300mm under ground level. The start of the job is normally 300mm before the stump through the stump and past it for 300 mm, that is also for either left or right of the stump. Once the stump grinder has completed the task, the stump grinder is then disengaged and the area is flattened out by the stump grinders push blade or by rake or both.


Quoting on your tree stump removal.

When we arrive for your quote we see if there is anything within close proximity that could be damaged by flying debris. Once these things have been ascertained I can then provide a firm quote and do the job to the customers satisfaction. For safety reasons there can be no one within ten metres of the stump grinder whilst it is operation, this of course excludes the operator of the stump grinder.

What areas in Melbourne do you cover?

Melbourne Central City Areas, including inner Melbourne. Areas in Northern suburbs, Eastern and outer South East. We also cover Mornington Penninsula and surrounding areas, for a list of your suburb check our Service Area Listing.




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